Don’t get in a flap: test your knowledge of urban birds – quiz

Don’t get in a flap: test your knowledge of urban birds – quiz
Which bird – the fastest living creature in the whole world – has found a home in city centres across Britain, Europe and North America?
Which tropical-looking bird, weighing just 4.5g is now overwintering in Vancouver, Canada, where winter temperatures can fall well below zero?
Which exotic pink waterbird gathers in large flocks in the lagoon in the centre of Montpellier on the French Riviera?
Which bird of prey is a common sight as it gathers in huge flocks over cities such as New Delhi, India?
Which globally endangered species of wading bird, of which there are fewer than 500 left alive, stops off in Hong Kong each spring and autumn on its migratory journeys?
Which black-and-white waterbird – known as the “bin chicken”, “dump chook” and “refuse raptor” – regularly raids rubbish bins in Melbourne, Australia?
America’s national bird, which species of raptor regularly nests in Denver city centre?
Which epic global traveller flies all the way from the Antarctic Ocean, to breed in the centre of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik?
Which graceful creature, Europe’s largest wildfowl, is also Denmark’s national bird, thanks to a story from Hans Christian Andersen?
Which pinkish-brown garden bird is known as the “television dove” in Germany, because of its habit of perching on rooftop aerials?

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